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The 4th Vienna Economic Forum

Investment Development in The Countries from the Adriatic to the Bleack Sea -
Problems and Solution Proposals


5 November in RZB, Raiffeisen Hall, Am Stadtpark 9, 1030 Vienna
6 November, 2007 in Österreichische Lotterien GmbH, Rennweg 44, 1038 Vienna




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At this year’s Vienna Economic Forum on November 5 and 6, 2007 President Dr. Erhard Busek and Secretary General Ambassador Dr. Elena Kirtcheva had the great pleasure to welcome more than 480 participants from 30 countries throughout the world. Beside our honourable VIP-Guests, Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers from our Member countries, high ranking representatives from the European Commission, OPEC, OSCE, Energy Community Secretariat, UNEP, and UNIDO also have come to exchange their views.

The Opening Speech was held by Dr. Erhard Busek, President of Vienna Economic Forum and the Welcome Address was given by Dr. Herbert Stepic, Chairman of Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding AG, Vice Chairman of RZB AG and Member of the Board of Vienna Economic Forum.

Introductory statements were made by H.E. Dr. Martin Bartenstein, Austrian Federal Minister of Economy and Labour, Dr. Josef Taus, Management Trust Holding, Austria and Vice President of Vienna Economic Forum, Dr. Veit Sorger, President of the Federation of Austrian Industry and Founding Member of Vienna Economic Forum, Mr. Mohammad Alipour-Jeddi, Head Petroleum Market Analysis Department, OPEC and Mr. Hidajet Biscevic, Elected Secretary General, SEECP and Regional Cooperation Council.

Eight keynote speeches from high ranking managers and international experts, as the new European Union Co-ordination Caspian Sea Middle East-European Union Gas Route Mr. Jozias Van Aartsen, introduced the audience to one of the four topics of the Round Tables on the first day:

•    Investment Development and Financing

•    Energy Sector – Proposals and Solutions for the Region

•    Investment Development in the Telecommunication, Innovation and Technology in the       Region – Problems and Solutions Proposals
•    Ecology and Sustainable Development in the Region – Water and Waste Management


With the impressive development of South-East European countries, the political and economic interest in the Region is increasing as well. South-East Europe is further seen as a most interesting field for Foreign Direct Investment and many participants are encouraged to continue or to start cooperation with the Region.

H.E. Minister Bartenstein pointed out Austria’s important role in the Region and in the EU integration process based on the interest in a political and economic stability.

The Workshops during the second day, at the Studio 44, hosted by Dr. Karl Stoss, CEO, Casinos Austria AG and Member of the Board of VEF, were focussed on:

•    The Danube Cooperation Process and the Transportation Problems. Investment in the  Ports, Railways, Container Transport

•    The Role of the Cooperation for Creating a Regional Airlines System – Problems, Solutions, Experiences

•    Industrial and Legal Security – Challenges and Risks


It was a pleasure for the Vienna Economic Forum to welcome H.E. Gazmend Oketa, Deputy Prime Minister of Albania and H.E. Dr. Vujica Lazovic, Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro, addressing the audience with an overview of present and future projects in their countries and in the region.

The Secretary General Ambassador Dr. Elena Kirtcheva stated she is glad to see the Vienna Economic Forum grow to be a useful platform and distinguished place for meetings and exchange and to support and develop common projects in the Region of South-East Europe as a part of a united Europe.

During the two days of intensive discussions and talks numerous contacts and networks were built and future ideas and investment projects were discussed – and the willingness to continue this meeting has been expressed.


Meetings scheduled for 2008:

Vienna Economic Forum - Moldova Meeting
20 – 21 Februar 2008 in Chisinau,
under the patronage of H.E. Prime Minister Vasile TARLEV

Vienna Economic Forum – Montenegro Meeting
14 – 15 April 2008 in Podgorica
under the patronage of H.E. Prime Minister Zeljko STURANOVIC

Vienna Economic Forum -  Albania Meeting
8 – 9 Juni 2008 in Tirana,
under the patronance of H.E. Prime Minister Dr. Sali BERISHA

The 5th Vienna Economic Forum
10 - 11 November 2008 in Vienna

Programme and list of participants

Mohammad_ALIPOUR-JEDDI_-_OPEC.ppt   7.3 M
Johannes_KINSKY-_Erste_Group.ppt   326 K
Karl_FINK-Wiener_Staedtische_Versicherung_AG__Vienna_Insurance_Group_Austria.ppt   475 K
Dr._Georg_ANTESBERGER_-_Siemens_AG_OEsterreich.ppt   3.3 M
Veit_V._DENGLER_-_Dell_s.r.o..ppt   1.0 M
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Dr._Burkhard_HOFER_-_EVN_AG.pdf   807 K
Hans_ROTH_-_Saubermacher_Dienstleistungs_AG.ppt   3.2 M
Gerald_MUELLER_-_UNIQA_International.ppt   125 K
Pinar_ECZACIBASI_-_GYIAD.ppt   1.4 M
Dr._Friedhelm_BOSCHERT-_Volksbank_International.ppt   4.6 M
Dr._Tihomir_SIMIC-Autonomus_Province_of_Vojvodina-Serbia.ppt   6.4 M
Dr._Besim_BEQAJ-_Kosovo_Chamber_of_Commerce.ppt   42 K
Reinhard_MITSCHEK_-_OMV_Gas_International_GmbH.ppt   6.6 M
Dr._Ernst_STRASSER-_VCP.ppt   759 K
Grzegorz_DONOCIK_-UNIDO.ppt   6.1 M
Dr._Vujica_LAZOVIC_-_Government_of_Montenegro.ppt   3.6 M
Georgi_SHIVAROV-_Bulgarian_Industrial_Association.ppt   323 K
Andreas_TSCHULIK-_Fed._Min._of_Agricul._For._Env.___Water_Manag._of_Austria.ppt   1.6 M
Sabine_KITZ_-_A.S.A._International_Environmental_Services_GmbH.ppt   2.4 M
Dr_Milan_PARIVODIC_-WOLF_THEISS_Serbia.ppt   1.4 M
Tomaz_SKOFIC-_Adria_Airways.ppt   1.6 M
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