1st Vienna Economic Forum

Investment Opportunities in the Countries from the Adriatic to the Black Sea

The 1st Vienna Economic Forum took place on 8 November 2004 at RZB Raiffeisen Hall, AM Stadtpark 9, 1030 Vienna. Enlargement is not only a politica,l but primarily an economic problem, which makes it necessary to ensure that investments will flow into South-Eastern Europe as  quickly as posible. Moreover, business has stabilising effect, since it serves as a dialogue telling the people in charge about deficienies and chances.

The Vienna Economic Forum is not only a plattform for forming opinions but also for voicing them in public.

This also underscores the significance of the region between the Adriatinc and the Black Sea. It is a market of some 130 million consumers with a grat strategic and economic importance. The developement will certainly continue further eastwards into the Black Sea region, but also into the Eastern Mediterranean. This can be seen as a key function.